This 4-ingredient dessert is ready in just 10 minutes

INGREDIENTS: 50 milliliters of lemon juice2 cans of milk creamTwo cans of condensed milkOne package of biscuit dough.A tablespoon of lemon peel and a little ground pasta. INSTRUCTIONS: After one minute of whipping, add the condensed milk and cream to the blender.Gradually add lemon juice to the boiling liquid and whisk for 3 minutes.Spare. Pour […]


Frozen Tray Dessert

It looks like you are interested in Tray Dessert! From ice cream cakes to frozen fruit pies, there are so many delicious frozen treats to make online. Here’s an easy recipe for a classic frozen dessert: Ice Cream Sandwich Cake.Ice cream sandwich cake: INGREDIENTS: 12-15 ice cream sandwiches (store-bought or homemade)1.5 quarts (about 1.4 liters) […]


Sugar-free ice cream in 5 minutes healthy dessert

We’ve found a gem in the field of healthy and simple treats! The most delicious sugar-free ice cream, ready in just five minutes, is now ready for you. Perfect for those who want to enjoy delicious food without jeopardizing their health. Enjoy this irresistible dish that will surprise you with its taste; With no added […]