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Creamy Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Enjoy the best homemade ice cream with this simple recipe. Pamper yourself with velvety ice cream prepared with the best ingredients. INGREDIENTS: 2 cups whipped cream1 cup whole milk3/4 cup sugar1 teaspoon vanilla extractPinch of salt INSTRUCTIONS: In a mixing bowl, whisk the cream, whole milk, sugar, vanilla extract and salt until the sugar dissolves.Pour […]


Sugar-free ice cream in 5 minutes healthy dessert

We’ve found a gem in the field of healthy and simple treats! The most delicious sugar-free ice cream, ready in just five minutes, is now ready for you. Perfect for those who want to enjoy delicious food without jeopardizing their health. Enjoy this irresistible dish that will surprise you with its taste; With no added […]


Refreshing and Delicious Flake ice Cream

Fresh ice cream enjoy the smooth, rich and delicious taste of handcrafted ice cream topped with delicious chocolate chips. This delicious treat will satisfy any sweet tooth as it combines silky smooth ice cream with delicious chocolate chunks. INGREDIENTS: Two cups heavy creamOne cup whole milk3/4 cup granulated sugarOne teaspoon vanilla extractHalf cup chocolate chips […]