Easy Delicious grilled cheese

Making grilled cheese is actually one of the easiest things you can do. The easiest way to make toast is to combine bread and cheese and make a sandwich. It’s good to make grilled cheese as quickly and easily as possible, but the tricks we’re about to reveal will make your next cheese sandwich a hundred times more delicious.

You should use :
Mayonnaise for grated cheese, not butter. A non-stick pan over low heat is sufficient. Instead of spreading it on bread, spread a layer of mayonnaise. When the bread starts to turn golden, carefully turn the sandwich over and cook the other side.

I don’t see how adding mayonnaise would change anything. First of all, mayonnaise is much easier to spread than oil. Spreading it on soft bread will prevent it from falling apart. Secondly, unlike oil, mayonnaise does not burn quickly due to its high smoke content. Finally, egg mayonnaise and butter give the bread a nice crust and buttery flavor.

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  1. Spread mayo on the pan, then put cheese sandwitch in the pan????? Is egg mayo different then regular mayo?

    • There is only one Mayo. Just get regular mayonnaise. No, spread the mayo on the outside of the sandwich.

    • All mayo has eggs unless it’s vegan. You put the mayo on the bread, cook until brown and flip and do the same with the other side. Just makes it very crunchy. Do one side on each piece. Put cheese on cooked sides. Mayo on uncooked and then finish cooking the sandwich

  2. It’s a bit confusing but maybe post this as all the other recipes with step by step instructions. I believe you start by spreading mayo on the bread instead of butter, browning each slice, slapping on the cheese cooking until cheese melts?

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