6-Minute Caramel Recipe

1 cup refined sugar
¼ cup water
½ cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
A pinch of salt (to balance the flavor)

How to make a 6-minute caramel recipe

Start simple: on medium setting, Combine sugar and water in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Make sure the sugar is completely dissolved.
Heat: Place skillet over high heat. Let the sugar melt completely without stirring. Avoid the urge to wake up as this can trigger sugar cravings. Watch for changes: Watch the syrup closely after the sugar has dissolved. After a minute or two, bubbles will begin to form. As the water drains, the lumps grow and shrink. Find
Gold: After 4-5 minutes the syrup will turn a beautiful amber color. This is the caramel layer you’re aiming for.

Store: Remove heat immediately. Slowly pour in the whipped cream, whisking constantly. Be careful as the mixture will be very thick.
Add flavour: Whisk the vanilla extract with a pinch of salt until a smooth caramel forms.

To serve and serve: Drizzle with ice cream, crepes, or a dessert of your choice. Enjoy the delicious taste prepared at home in 6 minutes!
Pro Tip:
Pan Selection Factors: If you use a light-colored pan, you can easily change the colors.
Safety first: Caramel can burn quickly and is very hot. Always be careful.
Risk of crystallization: If you see sugar sticking to the edges of the pan, tap it lightly with a wet brush.
Secrets Behind 6 Minute Caramel:
Sugar-Water Ratio: Mixing sugar and water is very important. Too much water can reduce the caramel color, while too little water can cause burning.

Constantly alert: Attention is important. The transition from clear syrup to amber caramel can be rapid.
Temperature Control: Ensure your heater stays at even temperature. It’s too hot and you could burn yourself; too low and it will not caramelize in 6 minutes.
Serving tips:
Breakfast: Divide on waffles, pancakes or French toast and garnish with fresh fruit.
Meal time: Enhance the taste of cream, cheese or crackers by adding caramel.
Beverages: Add a scoop to your coffee or hot caramel hot chocolate.

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