cheese fries made from boiled potatoes

Boiled French Fries with Cheese on Top. Rest assured, I like this. Since the kids didn’t want to eat all the Boiled potatoes, I decided to make this dish.
In less than half an hour

You’ll need:

Garlic powder, olive oil,
Garlic powder, Parmesan cheese

Preparation of the recipe:

after boiling potatoes mash it.

Mix the mashed potatoes with 2 tablespoons of flour, parsley powder, black pepper and more cheese powder. Mix well.

Prepare the mashed potatoes in a bowl. Too much dough that is too muddy to the bowl. Add more flour if necessary.

Now divide into equal parts. You can carefully remove the potato pieces one by one with the help of a knife, then form it into a stick size piece

with plenty of oil. Cut the potatoes and cook them.

Cooking time is short when using cooked potatoes, so if the surface turns golden brown I consider it a success.

After removing the oil, place it on a rack to cool slightly.

You can now stop and put the boiled potatoes into the bowl. Cooking is child’s play. It has a pleasant smell and taste, and has a salty taste thanks to the cheese powder. It is delicious either dipped in ketchup or eaten alone.

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